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  Easicook is an independent supplier and has been a leading UK supplier of Winterhalter commercial dishwashers for many years. Our engineers and sales team have a wide knowledge of the workings of the dishwashers and are able to recommend the right dishwasher for your needs.  
  Winterhalter is the leading manufacturer of commercial ware washing machines in Europe, a status which has been achieved by taking a focussed and specialised approach since the companies formation over 50 years ago.  
  Many new and advanced features have been included within Winterhalters latest range of commercial dishwashers.  
  The core principles of Winterhalter dishwasher technology has been applied to previous areas of product development and have secured numerous industry accolades as a result. This standard ensures optimum wash results every time, with the least resource being spent  
  The Winterhalter GS 300 series commercial dishwasher range has four variations all offering washing with total simplicity  
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The Winterhalter GS302  Dishwashers

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winterhalter gs302 commercial dishwasher with door open

 winterhalter gs302 dishwasher 3 phase

Winterhalter GS302 Single Phase

Winterhalter GS302 Three Phase


The Winterhalter GS315 Dishwashers

The Winterhalter GS315 commercial dishwasher range have an enlarged wash chamber and are able to accept oversized items such as 1/1 GN pans and trays

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winterhalter gs315 single phase commercial dishwasher

 winterhalter gs315 commercial dishwasher 3 phase

Winterhalter GS315 Single Phase

Winterhalter GS315 Three Phase




The Winterhalter GS402  Dishwashers

 winterhalter gs402 dishwasher

 winterhalter gs402 3 phase dishwasher

Winterhalter GS402 Single Phase

Winterhalter GS402 Three Phase


The Winterhalter GS501 Passthrough Dishwashers

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winterhalter gs501 commercial passthrough dishwashers

winterhalter gs501 passthrough dishwashers

Winterhalter GS501 Single Phase Winterhalter GS501 Three Phase


The Winterhalter GS502 Dishwasher

winterhalter gs502 commercial dishwasher

winterhalter gs502 commercial dishwasher

Winterhalter GS502 Single Phase

Winterhalter GS502 Three Phase

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