Winterhalter GS501 Hood Dishwasher Three Phase

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  Easicook is an independent company who can supply Winterhalter Dishwashers  
  The three phase Winterhalter GS501 range is a high performance dishwasher designed for straight through or corner operation  
  It is fitted with user friendly mechanical controls, anti blocking & component free wash jet system with collision technology  
  The invisible wash tank heater along with rounded corners and the continuous self cleaning system ensures the machine interior is kept to an optimum at all times  
  The Winterhalter GS501 is fitted with a rinse aid injector, automatic fill control, door safety switch, motor overload and rinse boiler heater protection  
  "Mediamat Cyclo" wash water purification system.  
  Automatic self-cleaning programme at the end of the dishwashing day  
  WIHTec (Winterhalter Indirect Heating Technology), with no heating elements, no crevices and no deposits  
  Total coverage wash arm system  
  Extremely robust controls  
  Excepts 1/1 GN trays  
  Fully insulated cabinets to reduce noise and heat loss  
  Installation available  
  12 Month Onsite Breakdown Guarantee  

The Winterhalter GS501 Hood Machine Dishwasher

winterhalter gs501 passthrough dishwasher

The Winterhalter GS501 three phase range

GS501T-3   GS501T-3-CF
500 x 500 Basket Size 500 x 500
Not Fitted Integral Water Softener Not Fitted
Hot Fill Mains Water Supply Cold Fill
1.5 or 2.5 min Wash Cycle Time 1.5 or 2.5 min
420mm Wash Chamber Height 420mm
Fitted Drain Pump Fitted
Fitted Rinse Boost Pump Fitted
Fitted Rinse Aid Injector Fitted
Fitted Detergent Injector Fitted
Fitted WRAS "A" Air Gap Fitted
W635 D749 H1420 Dimensions W635 D749 H1420
1886mm Height with door Open 1886mm
8.9kW Electrical Load 14.9kW
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Winterhalter GS501 Dishwasher Hood Machine Three Phase