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  The new generation Winterhalter UC Series Commercial dishwashers & glasswashers allow all size machines to be programmed to be a glasswasher, a dishwasher, a cutlery washer or all three.  

Every machine can be fine tuned to meet the specific requirements of every customer.


The Winterhalter UC Series warewashers have a touch screen navigation operating menu screen that provides the staff, the chef and the service engineers with a host of important features & settings including animated operating  instructions & washing tips, program adjustability service history reports, operating log, fault display codes, hygiene log, fully adjustable wash cycle times & temperatures, full control of wash pump power to protect delicate ware, dirty wash tank water recognition warning and water softer regeneration required warning indicators


This may sound all too much to take but these machines can be pre programmed for your specific needs before they leave the factory, leaving you with easy to use animated picture buttons.


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Click here to download the full Winterhalter UC Range Dishwasher & glasswasher PDF Brochure

Winterhalter UC Series Models

Winterhalter UC-S Small machine (400x400mm Basket) Glasswasher or Dishwasher click here for more info   
Winterhalter UC-M Medium Machine (500x500mm Baskets) Internal Clearance 309mm Glasswasher or Dishwasher click here for more info
Winterhalter UC-L Large Machine  (500x500mm Baskets) Internal Clearance 404mm Glasswasher or Dishwasher click here for more info
Winterhalter UC-XL Xtra Large Machine  (500x540mm Baskets) Glasswasher or Dishwasher click here for more info

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